A can of chickpeas and a barrel load of rudeness

Living in Brisbane, in the heat of summer of January, I looked forward to celebrating Shankaranti my own way. With ellu-bella, moraiyo huggi, sage tambuli and a Mediterranean watermelon chickpea salad.

Problematic Polyglot

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Multilingualism is a boon to my family as indeed it is to many migrants. Speaking a language different to those around us means that we don’t need secret codes. I could remind my children to say thank you, or tell my husband there was spinach stuck in his teeth, or…

Thalis of India

Originally posted on a_musing migrant:
Unique to the sub-continent, mainly India, is the thali or plate meal. Designed to serve a variety of foods at once, on a single platter, once a popular ‘set price lunch’ at many restaurants, the thali meal has now become a fine dining option at some of the best…

As cool as a cucumber gojju

Cucumber gojju is cool in many ways. Not only does it have cucumber which is cool and so right for summer, unlike other gojjus, this does not require any cooking!

Stories of Ganesha

Like all Hindu festivals, Ganesha Chaturthi, has its own fun share of stories, food and family gatherings. And for me nostalgia. Here are some fun folk stories about Ganesha from my childhood.

Majjige Huli

Having harvested the first ash gourd from my garden yesterday, I had to make majjige huli with ash gourd for our Sunday lunch.